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HARIS C. ADHIKARI, a poet and literary translator from Nepal, teaches at Kathmandu University. He co-edits Polysemy, a journal of interdisciplinary research and writing published out of DoMIC, KU, and reviews works of artistic research for Art/ Research International: A Transdisciplinary Journal published out of University of Alberta, Canada. In the past, he edited Misty Mountain Review, an online journal of short poetry. Adhikari has three books of poetry and translation to his credit, and is currently working on three more manuscripts of creative writing and some projects of arts-based research (ABR).

His poetry and works of literary translation have appeared in such journals and papers as New Writing (UK), mpT (UK), Journal of Postcolonial Writing (UK), Lyrical Passion (USA), Circumference (USA), Red Fez (USA), Poddle (Ireland), London Grip (England), Enchanting Verses (India), Cuckoo (India), Poets’ Expresso Review (USA), Prachya Review (Bangladesh), Buddhist Poetry Review (USA), Grey Sparrow (USA), MadSwirl (USA), Cyclamens & Swords Publishing (Israel), Electric Monsoon (the Philippines), Borderless Journal (India), Of Nepalese Clay (Nepal), The Kathmandu Post (Nepal), Madhupark (Nepal), Gorkhapatra (Nepal), Kavya (USA & Nepal), and Rupantaran (Nepal).

Adhikari’s (research) interests include, among others, creative process studies, poetics, poetic inquiry, rhetorics, compositional theories, writing research, arts-based research (ABR), experimental pedagogies, literary translation, spatiality of texts, diaspora studies, border literature, teleiopoiesis, and experiential Advaita. He has presented his papers in the UK, USA, Cambodia, and Nepal, supported by grants from different institutions such as Wenner-Gren Foundation (USA / GLOCAL CALA 2019), GLOCAL CALA 2022-2023, and University Grants Commission, Nepal.

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